About US

Founded in November 2019, Salts Worldwide specializes in manufacturing, wholesale and exporting a huge collection of Himalayan Salt Products, Natural Salt Lamps, Crystal Salt Lamps, USB Salt Lamps, Salt Candle Holders, Pink Salt Lamps, Himalayan Edible Salt Products. is a major company that We manufacture from first class materials and these comply with the guidelines given by the market. Additionally, all products are properly inspected against a series of quality assurance standards prior to final order delivery. Salts Worldwide thrives beyond the pursuit of quality and luxury living by addressing lifestyle and home decor needs in unique and wholesome ways. Salts Worldwide is a manufacturer, designer and supplier of Himalayan rock salt products. Trading from Pakistan, the center of Himalayan rock salt, they tend to produce high quality decorations and homewares using high quality materials. As Salt Worldwide always strives to serve its valued customers, the warehouse has edible salt products and a wide range of Himalayan rock salt lamps, which are kept in stock to meet the constant high demand. All we have is export quality products that are locally sourced and exported internationally. Get budget-friendly and stylish products designed to ensure maximum health benefits. Also, stay tuned for our Himalayan health and home decor blogs to keep you up to date.