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In addition to its respiratory benefits, salt therapy also relieves stress by dissolving salt components to produce negatively charged ions. Negatively charged ions are thought to help reduce stress levels.

Where to get Halo Therapy from?

You can have salt therapy in salt rooms and salt caves. These are sterile and free of bacteria and viruses. Brick and Salt Brick are used to build the Salt Room, which is a natural way to maintain good health. These salt halls and caves are hot and negatively charged with ions that provide many of the health benefits mentioned above.

Since the salty air in the salt caveis dry salt therapy and not wet salt therapy from the beach, it is more beneficial for your overall health. He has a device called a halo generator, which uses technology to break down salt into tiny particles that move around the room.

If you can't getto a salt room or cave, you can use salt panels in your home to build a small salt room where you can have a salt therapy whenever you want.


Himalayan salt therapy or halo-therapy is well known for its various health benefits. Many spas and wellness centers have salt rooms to provide salt therapy. But it is advisable to consult a specialist before undertaking this therapy.